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Max Nollert


Apresentação de Max Nollert

In 1986 Max Nollert made his first boilies by hand! 

As owner and manager of the company Imperial Fishing (Imperial Baits), established in 2004, we thank him for answering our questions.

I was born in Germany, more precisely in Traben-Trarbach which is 10m close the river Moselle. I have studied oenology for five years in Geisenheim which is near the river Rhine, where I sometimes fished 150 nights per year. 

I made my first boilies out of a dutch mix with a friend in a cellar in 1986. We made 500 grams mix on one day and cooked it until the boilies came to the surface. Then they should be good, it said somewhere. Then we fed with approximately 50 boilies in the harbour of Traben-Trarbach every day. One day at 5.30 pm I went by bike with all my equipment to the spot. On my way I collected some worms that laid on the wet street. In fact in that time I was not persuaded of the modern baits at all and brought both rods out with worms instead of the boilies. On this morning I lost two strong fishes in the buoys and I waited two more years for fishing my first carp with boilies. This happened in 1988 in Luxembourg with the help of ready made boilies with strawberry flavor. After this experience I was totally enthusiastic for carp fishing. I continued to improve the method. On the Moselle I have tested the hair method with maize and other food for some years and could land some nice carp.

First the 15 kg range was not achievable. In 1994 I moved to the Rheingau and met Andreas Scherf as well as René Rex on a fish trip in France on Foret D'orient. A new time started and hence I had for the first time some carp fishers around me with whom I could bring my hobby forward. The storm and stress period has wedding...!

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